Dusky & Doubtful Sound Gold Star

Dusky & Doubtful Sound Gold Star

$1,400 per person

Up to 1 hour 30 minutes (flight durations may vary)

2 Wilderness Landings

Discover remote Doubtful & Dusky Sounds & the hidden valley of Campbell's Kingdom

Trip Highlights:

  • Extended Dusky & Doubtful Sound Helicopter Tour
  • 2 Remote Wilderness landings
  • Experience Fiordland’s two largest fiords

Ultimate DUSKY & DOUBTFUL SOUND Helicopter Experience

Visit the southern part of the South Island’s wild West Coast and experience the many scattered islands and early history unique to one of New Zealand’s largest fiord, Dusky Sound.

Soak up the feeling of such a remote and untouched location that can only be accessed by helicopter/plane or by boat. Your return journey will take you into Doubtful Sound, through the hidden valley of Campbell’s Kingdom and back down the South Arm of Lake Te Anau.

Extend your journey and fly along an extraordinary section of the open coastline where waves sculpt granite rock and the mountains meet the sea. Includes a second wilderness landing.

Allow 1 hr 30 min| Price $1,400 per person | 2 landings

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Additional information:

  • A minimum number of 2 passengers is required for a flight. Flights are shared unless specified. If you would like a private flight, please advise the office at the time of booking to discuss pricing.
  • The flight duration is an approximate only and landings are included in this time frame. Duration, landings and routes may vary due to weather.
  • All flights are weather dependent. We recommend to allow for flexibility in your schedule for your flight in case of changing weather conditions.
  • Please review our Terms & Conditions for more details.

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Dusky & Doubtful Sound Gold Star

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