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Fiordland Helicopter Charters

Fiordland Helicopter Charters

Fiordland Helicopters offer an extensive range of professional helicopter services and helicopter charters in Fiordland, Southland and the wider Southern Lakes Region.  We have the experience, expertise, local knowledge and National Park landing concessions to ensure your trip or project is a success.
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Ready for the Roar?

Fiordland and its surrounds are a hunter’s paradise. Being one of a very small number of operators with concessions to land in the National Park, Fiordland Helicopters can take you to the animals. Clients travel from all over NZ and the world to hunt red deer, wapiti and chamois in the Fiordland area.

We operate Hughes 500s and AS350 Squirrels. We provide safe, efficient access into Fiordland and have been flying for over 30 years. Our pilots are keen hunters themselves and they are happy to share their local knowledge to make your trip as successful as possible. Please contact us as soon as possible for information on landing spots, camping sites, accessibility, etc., and for specific pricing for your hunting party plans.

When inquiring, the more information you can give us such as party numbers, a budget or a specific area of interest, helps us determine the right locations for you.

Please note: It is important that all hunters read our Terms & Conditions before commencing a trip with Fiordland Helicopters.

Filming & Photography

Filming and photographic opportunities abound in the spectacular scenery throughout Fiordland. The experience and knowledge that our pilots have of this region is invaluable when it comes to selecting the best aspects and landing locations, and we love to take you to places that encapsulate the real Fiordland. Save yourself time and money by drawing on our expertise – we can tailor trips and itineraries to suit your requirements.

See “Ata Whenua” at the Fiordland Cinema or view the trailer here to get a taste of the experience and the locations we can fly you to. We’ve flown some of the most talented filmmakers and photographers in the world to its most breathtaking places, helping them capture the shots they’ve dreamed of in the perfect light.

Track Access

Fiordland Helicopters provide charter helicopter track access to the Dusky, George Sound and Kepler (Luxmore Hut) walking tracks in Fiordland National Park. We can provide both one way or return flights, allowing you to experience the track highlights or gain access to some of Fiordland’s most remote and spectacular areas. By chartering with us, you can also add on a flyover of Milford or Doubtful Sound, or choose one of our exclusive packages, such as the Guided Milford Day Walk.


Commercial Projects

Fiordland Helicopters offer experience and expertise in a wide range of commercial operations. They provide essential support to the Department of Conservation’s Bird Research, Pest Eradication, and Track and Hut Maintenance Programmes, and work closely with organisations such as Mainly Fauna, the Mammalian Corrections Unit and the Fiordland Wapiti Foundation.

Contact us to discuss the requirements for your project.