Helicopter Hunter Transport into Fiordland Wapiti Foundation (FWF) Wapiti Blocks – 2013 Wapiti Ballot Results out now.

October 27th, 2012


Congratulations to all hunters who have won a block in the 2013 Fiordland Wapiti Foundation Ballot which was drawn October 27th in Te Anau.

Fiordland Helicopters operate Hughes 500’s and provide safe efficient access into all hunting areas in Fiordland including the  FWF Wapiti blocks. We have been flying in Fiordland for over 30 years, our pilots are hunters themselves and they are happy to share their local knowledge to make your trip as successful as possible.  Please call or email Jonathan Larrivee at Fiordland Helicopters as soon as possible for information on landing spots, camping sites, accessibility etc etc,   and for specific pricing for your hunting party into your block.

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