Thursday, May 19th, 2016

Fiordland Helicopters transfer Kakapo chicks to Anchor Island, Fiordland


Kakapo chicks are ready for their flight to predator-free Anchor Island in Dusky Sound, Fiordland National Park. Chief pilot Jonathan Larrivee, of Fiordland Helicopters, carefully closes the door on the four healthy birds.

When Kakapo Fly

Kakapo are a heavy and flightless parrot, and therefore a target for pests and predators on mainland New Zealand. As a result, the birds are critically endangered. Remote Fiordland is a refuge for them. It has thick rainforest and over 8000mm of rain a year. It’s New Zealand’s last great wilderness and a place the birds can hide.

Fiordland Helicopters can fly into the most remote parts of Fiordland and the pilots have a wealth of experience with the fauna of the area. Take a scenic flight to discover more about these beautiful birds, and learn more about the Takahe, and Wapati (deer) from our seasoned pilots.

Fiordland helicopters are proud to be a part of the Kakapo Recovery Program, helping to look after the last remaining Kakapo in the world. 

Kakapo chicks safely transferred

You can find out more about New Zealand’s unique parrot here. 

Kakapo facts

  • It’s possibly the longest-lived bird species in the world; the birds have a mean life expectancy of 90 years
  • The birds are nocturnal
  • They can climb extremely well, and you’ll find them either feeding on the ground or eating berries 20m up in a Rimu tree
  • It’s the heaviest parrot on earth
  • It uses its huge wings to parachute down from trees, but it cannot fly
  • It smells mustardy and looks like an overgrown budgie
  • It has a low ‘boom’ it creates to attract mates


Thursday, May 19th, 2016

Stunning Southern Lakes summer draws to a close

Lakeside at Te AnauSunset over Te AnauTe Anau kayaks Hiking in Fiordland


Another wonderful season of summer activities draws to a close in the picturesque lakeside town of  Te Anau. Te Anau has been buzzing with more visitors than ever over the last few months, and visitors and locals alike have made the most of the outdoors during our beautiful long sunny days.  Thanks for visiting Fiordland.  You should book your tickets, pack your bags and start planning your next trip.  See you then!


Thursday, May 19th, 2016

Friendly Fiordland Operators at the recent Destination Fiordland Trade Show.




Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

Behind the Scenes: Conservation in Fiordland Winter 2015: Newsletters


Behind the Scenes: Conservation in Fiordland Winter 2015: Newsletters.

Thursday, August 13th, 2015

Magical Lake Te Anau



Things to do in Te Anau – Leave an hour  or two spare in your schedule to drive 3 minutes from the town centre to this jetty where the locals play, and take a stroll along the lake edge to Te Anau’s park like bird sanctuary where you can view NZ’s famous endangered flightless parrot – the Takahe.   This photo was taken in the evening with the  sun setting behind the Kepler Mountains.


Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

Twenty Little Spotted Kiwi Released on Pukenui/Anchor Island, Dusky Sound, Fiordland


DOC Biodiversity Ranger – Hannah Edmonds on Pukenui/Anchor Island releasing one of twenty little spotted kiwi/kiwipukupuku – the return of these species marks the first time in over a century to Dusky Sound. Photo credit – Barry Harcourt.

LSK Media Release – Fiordland Conservation Trust 17 April 2015 KIWI – ANCHOR

Sunday, January 11th, 2015

Fiordland Dusky & Doubtful Sound Scenic Flight, January 2015



Spectacular image from a family who chose Fiordland Helicopters Dusky & Doubtful Sound Gold Star flight to celebrate a birthday and a wedding anniversary last week.  What a great way to celebrate a special day in New Zealand!  Thank you to the Boyer family from Iowa, USA for the wonderful images and these kind words… “Thank you for an amazing birthday gift.  We are in awe”,  & ” Thank you for creating an amazing memory Jonathan”.

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

Fiordland Conservation Work, Anchor Island, Dusky Sound, NZ

Department of Conservation “Southern Winds” skipper Pete Young, loads  a storage shed onto HJO’s hook on a windy day in Dusky Sound, Fiordland, New Zealand last week.  Jonathan slung the shed to nearby Anchor Island for the Dusky Sound Dolphin survey crew’s summer season.

Photo by Graham Dainty

Photo by Graham Dainty

Friday, September 12th, 2014

Helicopter access to remote repeater sites in Fiordland


Photo: Jonathan Larrivee

Helicopter access to these remote repeater sites in the Fiordland is essential in the winter to keep these Department of Conservation and Downer EDI radio repeaters operational.  Shown here under heavy snow  in August,  the Mt Hamilton and Mt Tindall repeater sites are both about a 15 minute flight from Te Anau and allow radio communications throughout the Te Anau basin.


Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Fiordland Helicopters Partner with Fiordland Lodge in Fiordland Conservation Project.


Fiordland Helicopters, along with Fiordland Lodge, have partnered with the Fiordland Conservation Trust in sponsoring the “Kids Restore the Kepler” conservation project in the Fiordland National Park. This environmental restoration project is located within the Fiordland National Park on the Kepler Peninsular, across Lake Te Anau from Fiordland Lodge & Fiordland Helicopters.

The Fiordland Conservation Trust is leading this nationally significant project in conjunction with the Dept of Conservation (DOC) Kids Restore New Zealand and the Community Trust of Southland, involving local schools and kindergartens. The Kepler Peninsular, an area of 12,000ha, is bordered by Lake Te Anau, Lake Manapouri, the Jackson Peaks and the Waiau River, providing natural boundaries to substantially reduce the risk of pests re-invading the area. A string of endangered species inhabit this area, including kiwi, whio, kaka, kea, kakariki, robin, rock wren, mohua and weka along with native short and long tailed bats and invertebrates which are also vulnerable to predation. These native birds and invertebrates need more protection to ensure their long-term survival and to rebuild numbers to a healthy population. Kids Restore NZ is a programme under the Air New Zealand Environment Trust which concentrates on helping young people to develop leadership through involvement with environmental issues. All our local students will be involved in this project at varying levels during their schooling in the Te Anau basin. The project will be used as a context for learning over a wide range of subjects as part of school curriculum – an incredible way to learn in our beautiful environment. Kids Restore NZ has already contributed significantly to the set-up of this project, and will assist with the ongoing cost to maintain the project.