“Best Day Out”- Fiordland Helicopters Dusky & Doubtful Sound Scenic Flight

July 24th, 2014

We received this feedback and great photos from a lovely family who treated themselves to our Gold Star Dusky Sound  Heli-Experience last weekend.

“Just a quick note to say I had the BEST day out with the flight, words just can’t describe it…. thank you so much! I can see why people keep coming back to see you guys every year! And it really added to the adventure to hear about the local history. When you said to let you know if I wanted to stop anywhere, I suppose I was looking for a runway, lol! I never imagined you could stop in the places you did, and to be able to get out and be on the top of a mountain was just so magical and awe inspiring”.

Jo, Canada & NZ


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If anyone else has any images they would like to share of their flight into Fiordland, please email them and we will add them on here for others to see – because, as we keep hearing… “words just can’t describe it”.

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